“Mr. Minded” by Brandon Minded

Artist Statement

Brandon Minded, who works under the artist moniker MrMinded, is known for delivering both vibrant and abstract expressionist paintings that go on to become the backdrop for many of his various cartoony and kitschy character designs. Drawing influence from the likes of Jim Henson and Salvador Dali, he looks to find ways to conceptualize the various elements found in Nature, and in turn bring them to life by invoking the spirit he sees within them. These elements then go on to become a part of the mediums being worked into the piece he’s creating. These mediums range from acrylic paint, clay, fallen twigs, antler sheds and other naturally sourced materials with maintaining respect to the environment in which they are found. Brandon was born in South Dakota just a 4 hour drive from downtown Minneapolis and moved up to the Twin Cities to pursue schooling in Visual Art and Sound Design for Visual Media. He currently works out of his home studio in Circle Pines, MN.

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Brandon Minded

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