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Information for Artists that Want Representation and to Exhibit Their Work


We are always looking for artists to have their own 8 to 10-piece exhibition in our gallery. Our gallery is one of the largest commercial art galleries in the Twin Cities with 600+ lineal feet of wall space and over 3,000 sq. ft.

Night Art Gallery offers an entertainment alternative with lots of great diverse art, ever-changing art exhibitions, live and background music, snacks, non alcohol beverages and late evening hours. We organize, curate and manage evening art shows (gallery) charging admission and earning commissions on art sales.

Why Artists Should Work with Night Art Gallery

  1. Exhibit in one of the largest commercial art galleries in Minnesota.
  2. Gallery is open evenings to get more buyers and visitors after normal business hours.
  3. Display your art in a 12x9 ft section
  4. Sell off some of your current inventory.
  5. Get commissioned for custom artwork.
  6. Gallery is located in a small town servicing a large area with little competition for art.
  7. Artist that work with us are first in line for gallery expansion openings/promotion in new locations.
  8. No long-term commitments, only six months. Easy to try us out.
  9. Increase your credibility! Add to your bio and artist statement being featured at “Night Art Gallery”
  10. Increase marketing assets by taking photos of your exhibit and in front of our logo wall.
  11. No joining fees, no monthly fees and no required gallery hours.
  12. We offer free advisory and curation which increase interaction and sales.
  13. We employ advisers/curators and share commissions which enable more sales.
  14. Artists only pay a commission upon successful sale.

General Agreement Between Gallery and Artist

  1. Artist delivers 8-10 pieces of original art to gallery.
  2. Gallery has an exclusive 180-day agreement to market and sell artwork in its possession. Gallery has non-exclusive agreement to sell artworks of artist not in possession and commission work.
  3. Gallery will hang artworks in its gallery.
  4. Artist is responsible for delivery and pickup.
  5. Commission is paid upon successful sale.

Night Art Gallery Marketing for Artists

Each week we will feature two artists. The two artists featured Monday thru Sunday of their week. Total length of time in gallery is about 6 months.

Each artist may select one night for their reception night. Artist may pick any night. We recommend a night when we have live music. Note: music brings in more people along with up to 6 other artists may also be featured that night. Artists will not be required to be present. If artists are present all sale inquires shall be directed to staff.

Event week will be widely promoted through a variety of sources such as: Facebook events, Google and local sources. We expect artists to track inquires and to forward inquires that resulted from our marketing efforts to us.

Recommended Marketing Plan for Artists

We strongly encourage artists to perform basic marketing and to be proactive to drive traffic and to increase their own visibility and credibility. Below is a recommended marketing plan for artists to increase awareness and make more sales.

Every artist should create their own marketing assets (pictures and representations of exhibiting at Night Art Gallery). Use your exhibition at Night Art Gallery in your resume, on your website, your social media for years to come!

  1. Upon Acceptance – when you are accepted to exhibit at Night Art Gallery immediately create the following marketing assets; Create a blog and/or Facebook post that you will be exhibiting at Night Art Gallery with a featured week of (Date range) and a reception night (date). Have photos taken of you holding one of your artworks in front of our logo wall. Its great PR and builds credibility for you. Even if your followers have seen your art, give them opportunity to see and experience a new art gallery and listen to live music.
  2. Two Weeks Before Your Reception Night – put out another blog and/or Facebook post that you will be exhibiting at Night Art Gallery with a featured week of (Date range) and a reception night (date).
  3. Two Days Before Your Reception Night – put out another blog and/or Facebook post that you will be exhibiting at Night Art Gallery with a featured week of (Date range) and a reception night (date).
  4. At Your Event – take plenty of photos. Take photos in front of your exhibition, take photos with family and friends, take photos in front of logo wall, etc.
  5. After Your Event – put out another blog, Facebook, and/or post that you just had an exhibition at Night Art Gallery and include your new photos.
  6. Increase Your Exposure on Google and Yelp – Please review us – Your reviews will be seen by many, which will build your exposure along with ours. So please review us by following the quick links;  Google Review quick link:, Yelp Review quick link:

Night Art Gallery Artist Process

Send artist resume and a link to your website/ gallery to or fill out the form below.

Night Art Gallery art committee will review submissions and contact you.

Once approved, artist will sign agreement and arrange delivery of artwork.


Hurry! Limited exhibition space and best locations go first!!


Call, Email or Fill Out the Form!


Monday - Friday

Temporary Hours 5:00pm to 9:00pm

12pm - 5pm or by Appointment

call or text 651-419-1945

Looking for Artists! See details here.

Our Location

Downtown Lindstrom

12732 Lake Blvd, (HWY 8), Lindstrom, MN 55045


Night Art Gallery

12732 Lake Blvd, (HWY 8)
Lindstrom, MN 55045

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