The Artists

Below are pictures of past and current artists that have featured their work at Night Art Gallery.

B. Minded

“Mr. Minded”

A.G. Monk

“Formation of Dreams”

J. Place

“Colorful World”

B. Movall

“Chasing Shadows”

J. Reinke

“Peaceful Places”

G. Okok

“Big & Fancy”

T.C.  Johnson

“Mosaic Glass”

A. Amundson

“Pencil Perfect”

C. Gannaway

“Gestural Impressionism”

K. FOsso

“Started in Tettegouche”

S. Trinkner

“Unknowable Landscapes”

D. Freemore

“Burning Desire”

L. French

“Winter Gardening”

M. Combs

“Landscapes & Places”

C. Root

“Split Nature”

B. Broughten

“Wild & Crazy”

D. Garder

“Outer Spectrum Landscapes”

L. Fertig

“Representational & Abstract”

J. Gerber

“Ecclectic Contemporary”

T. Cramer

“Classic Portraits”

The Gallery

Below are pictures of the gallery space in Lindstrom, MN.

The Music

Below are pictures of past performances at Night Art Gallery.

Andrew Spreck

Ingeborg Von Agassiz

Steve Mireau

Off The Clock

Steve Cassavant


Steve Davis

Mark Grim

Peter Klug

Rarely Scene

Jeffery Goodson

Robert Brace

Matt Potts &

Andrew Lynch