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Display Your Art with No Commission Fees

Night Art Gallery offers an exceptional array of original artworks from national, regional, and local artists. Each visit promises a new perspective with a wide variety of pieces on display, ranging from paintings to drawings.

High Visibility, Great Display Space in Lindstrom, MN

General Artist Agreement 

  1. No Commission Fees – Artist keeps all revenue of art pieces sold.
  2. Monthly Fee –  $95 / month for each piece of art hung in the Gallery.
  3. Per Sale Fee (Gallery and Online) – credit card and/or cash fee (3% for each sale) and handling/marketing fees (installing art, artist statement, build web page, marketing, customer inquiries and sales clerks fees (7%) for each sale.
  4. Artist Art Exhibit in Gallery – Each artist must have at least one piece of art on display in Gallery. OK to ship art to the gallery. OK to change, add or subtract art pieces throughout the agreement period.
  5. Artist Gallery Web Page – Artist is allowed up to 20 pieces of art displayed on Gallery’s website. OK to edit throughout the agreement period.
  6. Artist Statement – Each piece of art hung in the Gallery will have an artist statement with QR code linked to the Night Art Gallery artist page with up to 20 art pieces for sale.
  7. Shipping – Artist is responsible for all shipping and pickup. OK to ship to us.
  8. Cancellation – Easy to try us out – No long term agreement. Monthly charges will be recurring unless we receive a 7 day notice of cancellation before the 30 day renewal day. To cancel send a notice to