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Ryan Tuck


My work’s focus is fine art abstract painting and mixed media. I emphasize color and texture, sculpt off the panel, and use a wide variety of quality, archival materials and techniques. My inspiration drives me to continuously experiment, move in new directions, and evolve.

After my early childhood in North Carolina and Ohio I’ve spent most of my life in Wisconsin and Minnesota and am currently based in the Milwaukee area.  Before delving into abstract mixed media I spent years with film photography (see my instagram link) and through this I learned to appreciate the play of light and color, the importance of composition, and believe it or not interesting aspects of working in 3 dimensions.  I received my degree in Business from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota however I knew before graduating that my desire was to create visual art. Not attracted to the corporate world I chose the road less traveled to pursue my passion. I want to create works which impact people … make them feel, think, take action.

I hope something I’ve done speaks to you in some way… if it does then drop me a note, I’d love to hear about it!