Gray Bird


by Greta Lann

8×10 print

I took all the art classes I could in school and university, but it wasn’t until I was travelling that I started combining drawing with watercolors. It wasn’t very messy, dried easily, and was portable. I love it!

I met my husband in Sweden. We had our first two kids there. When they were toddlers and I’d been in Sweden for 9 years, it was time for us to continue our adventure in Oregon. We had our third child, bought a house with a big garden, and I’ve settled down to continue painting and being mom.

I still love to draw. I love that I get to decide how detailed or simple to make the image. I love looking closely and seeing a surprising detail of a boat or a building or a how a flower petal curves. Then I can share it with you! When my drawing is complete, I get the fun of filling my shapes and the page with color!

I often work best with 2 to 4 paintings going at a time. You can tell what i was interested in at the time by their similarities.

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