FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is your grand opening?
We anticipate our grand opening in February, 2018. Currently we are acquiring and setting up artist exhibits. Contact us to be notified when we are open.
Where are you located?
Currently we have one location open in Downtown Lindstrom, MN. Just 35 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Our address is 12732 Lake Blvd (Also known as Highway 8). We are planning on more locations in Minneapolis and St Paul.
What are your hours?
We are opening soon! Contact us to be notified when we are open.

Our scheduled hours are 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.

How would you describe the gallery space?
Night Art Gallery is one of the largest commercial art galleries in the state with 3,000 sq ft and 600 lineal feet of wall space for displaying wall art. Within the gallery we have 21 exhibits that are continuously changing with 100’s of art pieces. By day we operate Lindstrom Office Center a coworking office share space.
What are the exhibits?
Exhibits are constantly changing. Check exhibits tab for current exhibits.
Do you serve beverages and food?
Coffee, teas, health drinks, sodas, and mixture of non alcoholic refreshments and local snacks are available to make your visit more enjoyable. Sit and relax at one of our tables or sitting areas.
Where do we park?
There is ample parking available, 200+ within a few blocks. There is street parking on Lake Blvd or 1st Ave North. Also, there is a parking lot just to the east and just to the north, across the street. Handicap access is available on the north side on 1st Ave N.
Why are you only open in evening?
We believe more people are available and are looking for an evening venue that does not focus on alcohol. Art is an activity that people can enjoy as entertainment.
Who owns the art gallery?
The art gallery is a for profit business owned by Randy and Cheryl Kempenich whom own the building and operate Lindstrom Office Center during the day..  No public money or donations are collected.  
What is the business model?
Artists pay a commission for each piece of art sold.  Also, we collect a small admission fee from visitors and sell some pre-owned art and accept sponsorship’s. With this model artists can sell more art we can pay our staff and overhead and the public can enjoy artworks.
Do you accept artist submissions?
Yes, we are always looking for good art to show and sell. Space is limited so submit as soon as possible and if you are not accepted feel free to submit every six months.  To submit please send resume and images or link to your website to kemteck@gmail.com. Our committee reviews submissions approximately every 30 days.
What is your artist program?
We offer a very attractive program to artists with an emphasis on art sales. We charge a commissions on successful art sales. Artist should try our program and exhibit their art.


What are visitors admission fees?
Tickets are available at the door.  $8 admission +tax. children under 12 are free. Admission helps to cover staff and overhead expenses.