Cheryle Gannaway

Cheryle Gannaway moved to Minnesota to attend the art school…and didn’t get in. After a successful life as a published scientist, she is returning to her “roots” as an artist (ha ha ha). Much of her work is inspired by the Central California Coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains (which was much more interesting than her hometown in the San Joaquin Valley). Cheryle lives with her husband and daughter (who likes to name the paintings). She is best friends with her mom.

I started off as an independent artist focused on Italian-like perfection in every piece. Very detailed, very precise…and I found they lacked life. I found myself asking, “Why am I drawing this right now?” With the help of a fantastic mentor, I embraced gestural impressionism, focusing more on the experience of the moment. Ironically, I focus on trees, which don’t move quickly. Our experiences throughout life, regardless of which state, which country or (most) continent, we find trees silently watching and guiding our lives. They come in all shapes and sizes- all colors and varieties. Think of the biggest and most menial moments of your life- I bet there was a tree there. They truly span our lives as a united global community.