Audience Smartphone Engagement

Share Your Videos – Sell Your Original Art & Prints Online

Night Art Gallery is going to be on the forefront of art and technology to increase visitor engagement and drive more sales for our artists. To do this we are introducing NFC tags to our art gallery that will allow visitors to hold their phone up to an artist’s label and instantly access their videos online or view their works for sale in our online store.

NFC Label Sample

Artist Video

Tell Your Story or Share Your Demonstration

Share your story through a video presentation. Allow people to see you in action and to understand your character adding value to any art they may purchase from you. Videos may include; artist bio, processes, events, etc. 

Artist Store

Sell Your Original Art or Prints Online

When the viewer’s phone is within range of the NFC tag it will automatically bring up the artist’s storefront page on making it easy for people to purchase the original piece or various sizes of prints.