Michele Combs

“I’m a contemporary impressionist oil painter who loves thick paint, color, and the way light plays on leaves, water, and faces. In fact, being a painter has changed the way I view the world and I strive to capture the beauty I see around me onto my canvas.

Picking up a paintbrush compels me to connect emotionally with a subject in a way that a quick click of a camera doesn’t. Where is the light coming from? Where are the shadows and what is hiding there? As I am drawn into the landscape (or whatever subject I’m painting) I fall deeper into the mood or excitement there ~ and it slips off the end of my brush and onto the canvas. In every painting, I leave a bit of myself there.

I am inspired by blooming gardens, the sun rising or setting over a majestic landscape, playful animals, and traveling to distant lands. Everyday scenes of colorful clothes hanging on a line on washing day, a farmers’ market, or a cascading waterfall make me eager to get out my paints and translate that mood or emotion onto my canvas.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced as an artist, is when my story intersects with another person’s. When someone views one of my paintings and I see they ‘connect’ with it, there is a joy that brings incredible fulfillment to me as an artist.”

– Michele Combs