Doug Garder

 Doug Garder Artist Picture

 I consider myself, at this juncture, to be a visual journalist, creating visual records of what I have seen and experienced while traveling. As an artist who has expressed myself for four decades through a landscape space for my visual syntax, my goal is to capture the texture and the spirit of a place. I am enjoying creating my ‘England series’ and ‘Mexico series’, with a fascination for Neolithic sites and incredible landscapes in the southern UK, as well as megalithic Mayan sites and the ever-changeable characteristics of Caribbean water. I have worked with pen & ink since the 1970’s, while I have used acrylic paints since the early 1980’s. I usually establish the design of each image in contour lines, before I build on the texture to capture nuances of each scene. Currently, I work from photos I have taken. Sometimes though, I break away from that approach to work from life and from my imagination, or ‘inner spectrum’.