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Diane Remington


I have chosen to deviate from strict realism I once embraced, for a more open, painterly apporach in my paintings. I try to create an energetic composition that describes a sense of place, a time of day, seasons, temperature and subtle moods. Rather than literal interpretations, the result is a painting that is half invented and half dictated by the person, landscape or other object in the painting. As Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

I Use three different methods concurrently. When I do plein air paintings, I do small paintings in the field. I then translate these studies into larger paintings in the studio. My palette is a prismatic set of colors. The second approach I use is based on the Cape Cod School of Impressionism. This palette rarely includes earth colors and focuses on color temperature to create a grisaille. Finally, the third process I use to create a painting is encaustic painting with beeswax, resin and pigments. This method originated centuries ago in Egypt. Using heat adds the movement and energy required for some subjects. This medium works well when I want a transparent or translucent feature for an ethereal moody painting. Overall, the style I choose is based on the outcome I want to convey in the final composition.