Colorful Commotion

Watercolor on Hardbord – by Chris Shockley

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“I paint the colorfully sewn noise tattered tones and muses of my beautifully messy existence. Each piece is emotionally layered with an improvised noisy solo of drips and splatters that move in and out of a structured chord progression of feelings and thoughts. This creates a sense of movement and musicality that connects each subject to, and breeds life into, the environment in which they visually exist.

In addition, I use depictions of colorfully tattered characters and muses to inspire, motivate, and express feelings of happiness, love, lust, frustration and absurdity. However, the emotional release of the external and/or internal noise that bombards us everyday is often more important than the idea. The meaning is then left for the viewer to ascertain.”

– Chris Shockley


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Downtown Lindstrom

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Night Art Gallery

12732 Lake Blvd, (HWY 8)
Lindstrom, MN 55045

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